Newsflash: KCPD Probably Aren't To Blame For Klymax Lounge Deadly Mass Shooting

Newsflash: Police Can't Read Minds & Probably Aren't To Blame For Deadly Mass Shooting

The reality of this story . . .

The headline and even local council members help deflect blame following deadly violence at a local club. Also, it's kind of hypocritical for many local leaders to actively work to defund local law enforcement AND THEN complain when resources are stretched thin.

To their credit . . . Just a modicum of reading will uncover that a great deal of the "community" accusations were bunk and the culpability lies with the shooter more than anyone else . . .

He allegedly was told the phone line would be recorded as he waited for the dispatcher to pick up. In an eight second call, THE CLUB OWNER said he reported that strange activity — then the call beeped multiple times before disconnecting.

Police records showed he waited about four seconds on the line before “abandoning” the call. Since he allegedly hung up the phone, per the department’s records, the call was neither reported to a dispatcher nor noted in the Kansas City police log system, according to Capt. Corey Carlisle, a spokesman for the department.

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KC nightclub owner called police 20 minutes before mass shooting. Why didn't they come?

Kansas City police records showed the lounge owner called twice at 1:04 a.m. to report an emergency. But police did not arrive until shooting broke out over twenty minutes later.