Mean Jean Warns Against Guns & Deadly Kansas City Club Life

This word of warning deserves a second look for Saturday if only because it offers a reality check for Kansas City good times. 

The most important part of this message . . .


Technically, this practice is against the law . . . Missouri CCW rules forbid people from drunkenly firing weapons under the threat of felony charges.

However . . . 

The statement from the courthouse seems to be aimed at shifting blame to local club owners and, of course, the Missouri GOP for supporting 2nd Amendment freedom.

Here's the word . . .

While announcing the charges . . . Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said it is troubling that clubs that sell alcohol are allowing patrons to bring guns inside their establishments.

“It makes an environment very, very dangerous for the patrons,” Baker said.

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Jackson County prosecutor calls on clubs to protect patrons with gun rules

"If you are going to operate that type of business, you have an obligation as well to keep your patrons safe," Baker said. "You should take necessary steps to make sure they will be safe as they enter the door and exit the door and while they are inside."

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Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker called a news conference Friday morning to announce charges in the Klymax Lounge nightclub shooting that killed three people and injured two others on May 21.

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