Mayor Q Escalates Anti-Gun Rhetoric Amid 2nd Term Path To D.C.

A quick truism from Kansas City insiders signals more gun control politicking from the 29th floor in the coming days & months.

At least until Mayor Q secures his exit to the Beltway. 

What locals should now . . . 


The basics of the plan . . .

Ahead of 2024 Kansas City will serve as ground zero for anti-gun debate with Republicans and Mayor Q will drive this talking point home with greater intensity and frequency.

History supports this power move given that Mayor Q has sought legal sanction against gun-makers throughout his first term and now works to impose LOCAL legal limits on gun owners despite Missouri rules. 

Already most elected officials and the chattering class blame shift the historic KCMO homicide numbers against Jeff City Republicans. 

We can only hope & pray that more local tragedy doesn't inspire further advocacy and instead politicos focus on the legal & policy decisions over emotional shock value.

Still, here's a recent preview of an even bolder anti-gun stance for his 2nd term . . .

Check Mayor's Q's latest anti-gun tweet citing the rise in metro violence . . .

"Too many guns in our metro. We should not live in a world where a 15-year-old male even feels the need to be armed.

"Glad the young woman will survive despite being shot in the face. Hopeful the young man and many others learn from this preventable tragedy."

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