Kelce Earns Vanity Fair Love Despite White House Internets Suspicion

Shame on TKC readers for not sharing a recent bit of loving prose dedicated to Kansas City's favorite baller.

Meanwhile . . . The online garbage story about betting concerning Travis Kelce's White House visit was picked up by national news outlets . . . Check the money line . . . 

While federal investigators have yet to determine who brought the illegal narcotics into the White House, internet bookies have identified President Biden's son Hunter as the most likely candidate.

Hunter, a recovering crack addict, has been given +170 odds as being the culprit by Overseas sportsbook The site lists other potential candidates, many of which appear to be jokes such as Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce who recently visited the White House.

Back to the topic at hand . . . Here's the recent love letter featured in a national publication. 

Here's a tease to an essay that talks about Kegger's open emotional displays and his guess that most of the NFL smokes weed . . .

"His on-field legacy firmly secured, Kelce, 33, has raised the ceiling for what he could eventually do off it, whether it’s in the broadcast booth or even on the big screen. (He recently signed with talent powerhouse CAA.) Kelce is poised to join the fraternity of athletes who find greener pastures in retirement, but what precisely his next act will be remains to be seen. “I don’t know if what I want to do has really been done yet,” he says."

Read more via link that you might get for free given that most TKC readers don't often read such a fanciful publication . . .

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