KC Defender Seyz Police Spread Disinformation & Earns Another EPIC Prize

Don't worry . . . This blog IS NOT jelly at the progress of a more successful "news" outlet. Instead, we merely serve to document their ascendancy despite the fact that they helped spread serial killer fake news that even their most strident supporters were forced to disavow. 

But that's all in the past . . . The future looks bright for these journalists and they're even teaming up to recruit more workers.

Here's a bit of their mission statement, rebuke against local po-po and info on an opportunity to join their team . . . 

"We believe that disinformation doesn’t solely emanate from internet trolls and anonymous bad actors, but more frequently from state institutions. Local government agencies, such as the Kansas City Police Department, have shown that they are often the most culpable dissemination of disinformation. It’s this critical understanding that we will be bringing to this fellowship program."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Google Selects The Kansas City Defender As 2023 Host Newsroom for Fellowship Program on Disinformation Reporting

The Kansas City Defender, a radical Black news outlet, is selected as a host newsroom for the 2023 Google News Initiative and Poynter's Fellowship Program. The program combats disinformation, offering a $10,000 stipend to the chosen fellow. Application deadline is July 21, 2023.