Kansas Guv Team Argues Birth Certificate Loophole Amid Trans Dox Crackdown

Check the legal gamesmanship as lawsuit dox go back and forth amid this divisive culture war issue battlefield that hopes to incite voters ahead of the awful upcoming election year . . .

In the governor's filing, Stites-Hubbard acknowledged that a specific section of the new state law says that in its data, the state must identify people as “either male or female at birth.” But, she argued, the law doesn't specifically prohibit recording a change in gender identity or amending a birth certificate.

“Thus, there is nothing preventing any state data set from BOTH identifying an individual as male or female at birth and also identifying them accurately later — that is to reflect their true sex, consistent with their gender identity,” Ashley Stites-Hubbard, an attorney for Governor Kelly, wrote.

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Gov.: Anti-trans Kansas law doesn't prevent birth certificate changes

The Kansas law took effect July 1 and defines male and female based on a person's sex assi