Kansas GOP Pushes Election Security Whilst Confronting Questions About Procedures

An interesting report that leans toward the progressive viewpoint . . . 

To be fair, election fraud in Kansas is a curious question given that it's still a very red state. The only major change has been in JoCo wherein shifting demographics and the rise of middle-class, progressive Gen-X & Millennial white lady voters can easily explain a shift toward Democratic Party leanings. 

Here's the word . . .

The report from the auditing arm of the Republican-controlled Legislature is the second on election security issues this year and was initiated amid an ongoing circulation of baseless election conspiracy theories among GOP conservatives. The first report, released in February, said auditors couldn't tell whether county election workers are being adequately trained “because no one tracks this, and state law says very little about it."

Like their counterparts in other states, Kansas supporters of former President Donald Trump have suggested that fraud is a major issue in the state's elections despite the lack of evidence of a significant problem. However, rather than attempt to bolster or undercut such claims, the two audits this year have focused on election procedures and whether they represent election security gaps.

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Kansas audit questions whether local election security policies are strong enough

County election security policies in Kansas don't appear to be strong or detailed enough, and the state doesn't appear to be giving counties enough guidance on how best to oversee voting.