Kansas Confronts Trans Legal Battle Royale: Kobach Vs. Kelly Part Deux

Check the latest recap wherein trans activists claim persecution over paperwork disagreements.

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A legal battle is ultimately set to resolve the question of gender marker changes, with Governor Kelly saying on Thursday that her state agencies didn't agree with Kobach's interpretation of the law and still would allow the changes. AG Kris Kobach, in turn, promised to sue.

But transgender individuals say that no matter what happens, the law will have the effect of sanctioning harassment against them in public spaces.

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Transgender Kansans decry SB 180 impact as new law takes effect statewide

With SB 180 now in effect in Kansas, transgender residents outline its impact as a legal battle over its effect on gender marker changes looms.

Update . . . And here's that lawsuit he promised . . .

Kansas attorney general sues to prevent transgender people from changing driver's licenses

The Republican attorney general of Kansas sued Friday to block transgender residents from changing their sex on their driver's licenses and to rebuke the Democratic governor for defying his interpretation of a new law. Attorney General Kris Kobach went to a state court in hopes of getting an order to stop Gov.