Kansas City Super Bowl Victory Turf Conspiracy Cont'd

Talkers spread misinformation probably hatched by the Russians . . . Or worse, the refs.

Here's a desperate attempt to support the baller narrative and debunk the haters . . . 

"PFT doesn't offer this as some random or casual cocktail-party discussion item; Mike Florio uses the word "private'' (shhhh!) as he presents this as some sort of cloak-and-dagger etched-in-stone NFL policy when it comes to the slick field, writing, “The NFL has an unofficial excuse for the situation, one that has been communicated when owners ask about it. Per a league source, the league blames the players for not wearing the right shoes.”

"We've talked to an assortment of "league sources'' in recent months about the Super Bowl field conditions. And we'll be frank: We've never heard this nonsensical baloney until now."

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