Kansas City Streetcar Authority Stays Losing Amid Extended Breakdown

Downtown commuter complaints are gaining traction as the toy train remains offline. 

Just a quick correction . . . T

The Streetcar Authority & ATA are a more specific target for blame but we appreciate the spirit of this rant nevertheless . . .

"The way the city is handling the streetcar breakdown is awful. Seems to be 1 bus on the street car route and every time they get to 3rd & Grand it is the end of the line so they can take their break. Realistictly, there is no way to even ride the full loop anymore . . . Amazing a multi-million-dollar operation can’t handle a temporary shutdown."

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Update: KC Streetcar Track Failure and Repairs - Railway Track and Structures

After a driver noticed a rail out of place on July 4th, Streetcar Authority announces a two-to-three-week repair of bridge and rails.