Kansas City Star Disputes Missouri Threats Against LGBT Target Merch

As always, the dead-tree publication takes the wrong tact.

From TKC's vantage . . . 

Attempting to legislate rainbows, slogans OR ANY IDEA on t-shirts and other merch is legally meritless and likely violates free speech protections. 

Meanwhile . . . Of course . . . The newspaper attempt to champion a crusade against conservative lawmakers. 

Here's their pitch . . .

With their warnings about “child protection laws,” they’re also promoting the right-wing “groomer” smear that falsely suggests that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people seek to victimize children sexually.

And they’re using the power of the state — threatened or otherwise — to carry out this terrible mission. “This playbook of lying about LGBTQ+ people, of depicting us as some kind of danger, is a very old line of attack and it does nothing to move us toward a more just and equal society,” the Human Rights Campaign’s Jay Brown said in a statement provided to CNN.

That’s correct. It’s wrong and despicable that — once again — (Missouri AG) Bailey is at the forefront of such smears.

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