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Cowtown Talk Curtailed

Cell phone network seems slow? Friday storms in Kansas City impact cell phone towers

Thousands of Kansas Citians who lost power Friday night after a severe line of storms moved through the area might have turned to their cell phone for updated information.

Desperately Seeking Cash Crooks

FBI agents looking for two ATM bank robbery suspects in Belton

No one was injured.

Power Precaution Reported

Officials powered down Wolf Creek nuclear plant after storm damaged power lines

High winds from Friday's storms knocked out several spans of a transmission line between Wichita and the Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station, utility provider Evergy reported Saturday.

Hotness Endures This Summer

Demi Rose In A Very Plunging Swimsuit Offers 'Distractions'

Instagram model Demi Rose spills out of her plunging swimsuit while backbending on the grass near the swimming pool!

Nobody Believes Prez Biden White House

Voters know Biden's talking baloney on his economic record

President Joe Biden has made it clear: He's running for reelection on his economic record.

MAGA Campaigns On Vengeance

Trump's unprecedented campaign pitch: Elect me to be your revenge on the government

Donald Trump declared to his supporters earlier this year that "I am your retribution" and his base's appetite for that promised vengeance hasn't waned

First Son Fights Back

Hunter Biden's Lawyer Sends Trump a Cease-and-Desist Letter: Report

An attorney for the first son said Trump's constant attacks have "caused harm" and may lead to "[Hunter Biden's] or his family's injury."

Battleground Tech Escalates

A Hundred Ex-Taiwanese Missile Launchers Could Transform Ukraine's Air-Defenses

The American-made HAWK surface-to-air missile system is more than 60 years old. But if reports are true, it's about to become Ukraine's main SAM.

Super Powers Save Planet?!?

John Kerry in Beijing: Can US and China set aside rivalry for climate action?

The two biggest economies and polluters need to work together to avert the crisis, experts say.

Old School Rules Described

This is how we do it: 'One of our favourite sex positions is trickier for us now than 50 years ago'

Since retiring, Tony and June have sex most mornings - followed by a hearty breakfast How do you do it? Share the story of your sex life, anonymously

Rising Meth Town Support For European War?!?

Independence bakery raises money for victims of the war in Ukraine

Eclair's De La Lune, a small bakery near the Independence Square is hosting a fundraiser for victims of the war in Ukraine.

Weekend Forecast For Now

Saturday grants a break from the storms

Saturday will have high temperatures around 89 degrees; more thunderstorms are possible Sunday.

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