Kansas City Metro Summer Storm 2023 Power Reconnect & Cleanup Cont'd

Tonight's reminder that power players are having a great deal of trouble managing the weather this year:

Evergy, who serves customers throughout the Kansas City metro area, said over 100,000 customers were impacted by outages on Sunday or Monday.

The peak number of Evergy customers without power was just over 80,000.

By 8 p.m. on Monday night, the number of those without power is around 7,300.

Storms that came on Monday morning slowed the restoration process.

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Evergy, BPU say efforts to restore power around Kansas City metro will continue through Monday night

For some residents without power in the Kansas City metro area, they'll have to wait until Tuesday.

Deja vu power outages follow another round of strong storms in Kansas City metro

The storms sent a giant oak crashing into a garage in Brookside. It also blew the steeple off Maywood Community Church in Kansas City, Kansas.