Kansas City Fireworks Injury Followup

Or . . .

Congratulations to everyone who survived today with all fingers intact.

Sadly . . . 

Here are a few notes on local injury amongst people who weren't so lucky . . . Along with our constant TKC reminder to stay safe as tonight turns into morning and the gunfire/explosions don't stop despite laws that tell us fireworks inside city limits & shooting somebody you disagree with is, in fact, against the law . . .

University of Kansas Hospital reports 20 fireworks related injuries, 12 have been admitted to hospital

Fifteen of those are male and five are female, with ages ranging from 15 to 44.

Miami County, Kansas, man arrested after allegedly stabbing his father, killing an animal

A Miami County, Kansas, man was arrested Sunday after allegedly stabbing his father multiple times, killing one animal and injuring another animal.

Person shot in leg in KCMO due to possible celebratory gunfire

Celebratory gunfire may have led to a person being shot in the leg in KCMO on the Fourth of July.

VIDEO: Tower cam captures fireworks across Kansas City skyline on Independence Day

A KMBC tower cam captured the fireworks show Kansas City residents took part in as the skies darkened on Independence Day.

Developing . . .