Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Argumentation: Coach Andy Reid Is The GOAT

An ongoing argument and hopes that this NFL legend isn't overlooked in flyover country. 

Accordingly, here's a worthwhile and surprising passage that deserves a glimpse . . .

 In a recent appearance on Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill's It Needed To Be Said podcast, longtime NFL quarterback Michael Vick gave Reid the highest praise possible:

    “I was actually thinking this year, after Andy won the Super Bowl, he's only got two [rings], but he went to like four or five NFC Championship Games and every year, y’all [the Hill-era Chiefs] were in the AFC Championship Game. He might be the greatest coach of all time. You don’t have to win championships to be considered. You know, I understand [Bill] Belichick and [Tom] Brady and that whole dynamic. But Coach did it in Philly, and then he's doing it in KC. I’m always [going to] shout out Coach — I love that man to death — like for real, literally I'd do anything for him.”

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