Kansas City Blast: Social Media Fed Setback, Vlad's Nuke Trap & Royals Lose Again

A quick tribute to celeb legend Pamela along with another peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Puppers In Print Helps Tribute

A nonprofit fundraises for KCPD K-9 unit with special calendar

A nonprofit is raising money for the KCPD K-9 Unit by making a calendar at the World War I Museum and Memorial.

Celebration Consequences

Motorcyclist died after colliding with boat, trailer on Fourth of July

A motorcyclist died from his injuries after colliding with a boat and trailer at 12:38 p.m. on July 4, according to the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department.

Kansas Rising Star Ranked Best

Kansas' Jalon Daniels named top returning 2023 quarterback

Jayhawk named top returning quarterback by 247Sports

About Local Resources

Pleasant Hill issued a boil water advisory Tuesday after problems within a pumping station

The city of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, issued a boil advisory Tuesday after problems in a pumping station forced an emergency water declaration.

Smoke Out In The Suburbs

Charcoal grill sets house on fire in Lee's Summit

A charcoal grill set a house on fire in Lee's Summit this Fourth of July.

Money Well Spent

Pamela Anderson's ex-husband of 12 days has left her $10 million in his will

Pamela Anderson was 'married' to her ex-husband for less than two weeks but he left her a huge sum in his will

Feds Push Back From Ur Phone

US Judge blocks Biden officials from contacting social media sites

A lawsuit filed by AGs for Louisiana and Missouri claims the federal government is censoring conservative viewpoints in violation of the First Amendment.

MAGA Clap Back Against Case

Trump calls for "sick puppet" Jack Smith to be "put out to rest"

Trump was indicted on 37 felony counts stemming from one of two federal investigations overseen by Smith.

Vlad's Power Play Exposed?!?

Russia has planted suspected explosives on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant roofs, says Zelenskiy

President's claims come after meeting with Emmanuel Macron, and Russia's competing claim that Ukraine was planning its own attack on the plant

Holy Land Hot Mess Forever

Jenin: UN agencies voice alarm as major Israeli operation continues

The agencies say infrastructure is being destroyed and medics cannot not reach all the injured.

No Freedom From Violence

Five dead in Philadelphia shooting that's nation's worst violence around July 4

A 40-year-old killed one man in a house before fatally shooting four others on the streets of a Philadelphia neighborhood, then surrendering along with a rifle, a pistol, extra magazines, a police ...

Voters Reject Patriotism?!?!

Americans are down on morality, family and country

Recent polling reveals three startling trends shaping American life and politics.

Shoulder Troubles Baller

Twins light off fireworks on Greinke as Royals lose 9-3

Boy, is this it for Zack?

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Storms possible overnight, cooler weather moves in

On Wednesday, the metro should see lingering clouds with highs in the mid 80s.

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