Johnson County Solar Debate Heats Up

A progressive power play garners more criticism.

Here's a peek at their concerns, objections and just a bit of scare tactics amid storm season . . .

Johnson County Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara, a critic of the project, and the sole vote in opposition upon passage last summer, says storm concern is justified:

“What about all of the folks who will be in the path of a tornado that plows through the, at least, 3,000 acre West Gardner Solar Project?  I can’t imagine the amount of debris that would be scattered over our residential areas.  What would be the impact from toxic elements in the solar panels, how could this possible disaster be mitigated?

O’Hara shared an article from Solar Power World on natural disasters and solar installations that cites signifcant hail damage in other states, including more than $300 million in Texas alone.

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Nebraska storm issues "Hail No!" warning for Johnson/Douglas County solar farm - The Sentinel

A solar farm in Scottsbluff was severely damaged by hail, and NextEra officials won't comment on implications for the West Gardner project.