Jackson County Property Tax Crisis Solution: Voters Should Elect Assessor

This week trusted insiders challenge a great deal of what we've heard about property taxes and the courthouse. 

Whilst Jackson County Assessor Gail McCann Beatty has been front & center defending the performance of her office . . . It's fair to point out criticism and counterpoints to her arguments along with grassroots opposition to a PR company helping to "guide" the discussion

Another fact check . . .

The "flat tax" resolution won't do much to help scared locals fighting higher prices. Insiders explain it's just a wish and not legally binding.

However . . . 

It's not all bad news . . . There is actually Missouri legislation that COULD help out.

Earlier this year we talked about Missouri State Senator Mike Cierpiot pushing to let voters have a direct say over the assessor's office. 

Here's a glimpse at legislation that has been filed a few times but is relevant now more than ever . . .

SJR 13 - Currently, assessors of all charter counties except for Jackson County are required to be elected officers. This proposed Constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, removes this exception for Jackson County. Additionally, this amendment adds that assessors shall have any other qualifications as provided by law. 

According to a trusted insider: 

"This is really the only way to get some kind of long-term fix. We need to let voters have a say in how the office is run. The public needs an element of control and Jackson County should follow the lead of every other charter county in Missouri. It's clear that the Executive isnt' going to step in and take control. Maybe it's time the voters get a chance." 

In the meantime . . . The taxation struggle persists . . .

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