Jackson County Fights Protest & Criticism With PR Website

They would have done better if they had just paid an Instagram influencer . . . Local news & this blog will be the only place to direct traffic toward their effort. . . Whoever earned this contract displays real PR genius by convincing the courthouse that people still read static websites . . . Check the effort and more links . . .

The site, jacoassessmentfacts.com, says it seeks to provide "facts and shareable information" as the county's taxpayers navigate this year's property valuation process.

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Fight over Jackson County property taxes ramps up

County lawmakers are pushing to throw out this year's property tax valuations, the county executive is calling that illegal, and a PR firm hired by the county is clapping back at criticism with a new website aiming to root out misinformation.

'I'd fire every one of them': Kansas City homeowner frustrated after home jumps up $185,000 in valuation

A Kansas City man has a lot of questions after he received his property assessment. 

Firm helps Jackson County create website to 'debunk misinformation' about property assessment

A public relations firm helping Jackson County navigate this year's property assessment process announced a new website Monday to "help debunk misinformation."

'We cannot sit on our hands': Jackson County leaders try to find relief for sky-high property assessments

A resolution the Jackson County Legislature passed Monday designed to give property owners tax relief is likely to go nowhere.

Independence to consider suing Jackson County over property assessments

As frustrations continue to mount over Jackson County property assessments, Independence is poised to file a lawsuit against the county.

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