Jackson County Double Take: Legal Fight Against Assessments Cont'd

This one will be settled in court amid so many experts and denial from the Exec's administration . . . 

Here are the basics of the debate and more info . . .

Jackson County's Director of Assessments, Gail McCann Beatty, said at Monday's meeting, 33,000 appeals of this year's property assessments.

They went up an average of 30 %, though County Legislator Sean Smith says information he requested from that office shows at least 80,000 homeowners saw more than a 50% increase.

McCann Beatty urged county legislators not to take action on the resolution capping assessment increases at 15 %.

"What you are contemplating doing is going to create an enormous amount of inequity around the county," she said.

Her office also unveiled a "Jackson County Property Assessment Facts" website Monday, challenging what it calls "flat rate falsehoods."

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More than 33,000 Jackson County residents have been fighting their property assessments, including Frank Hanis, a homeowner in Lee's Summit.

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Jackson County assessor speaks out against 'misinformation'

"Sometimes people want to share stories to make things look far worse than they are," said Director of Assessment Gail McCann Beatty.

Jackson County legislator's data: Seniors more likely to get large assessment increases in district

Jackson County Commissioner Sean Smith shared some statistics during Monday's meeting about how many seniors are facing large property tax assessments.

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