Heiress Gracie Hunt Dresses Down In Denim For Aspen, Colorado Adventures

Today's proof that capitalism doesn't really work to benefit some of its most strident defenders. 

As far as we know . . . Gracie stands to inherit BILLIONS and now spends most of her days looking like a Kansas City 10 & LA 7 on Instagram . . . Compare that to how most locals will bust their hump all year just to be able to stay in their homes. 

Still . . . We're not jealous . . . We just want to point out that it's not altogether unreasonable to cite a bit of systemic FAIL given that no man-made economic system is perfect. 

To her credit . . . At least Gracie is providing the world a service by sharing her hotness with random jerky bloggers on the Internets. Meanwhile, many tech workers who survived layoffs get paid 6-figure salaries to do nothing but put your dad in Facebook jail. 

A more optimistic note and with respect to the timeless work of Fredric Remington and his artistic documentation of the American West . . . Here's a fashion overview of Gracie's goodness . . .

Gracie shared a series of stunning snaps from a remote bridge captioned "Hope meets you halfway on a bridge called faith."

In the shots, she was wearing a figure-hugging denim dress, cowgirl hat, and white heels.

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