Dead-Tree Star Celebrates New KCI Cellphone Lot White Guilt

The 4th of July is jam packed with a great many cringe-y observations about freedom and fading Americana. 

Typically, this garbage content is easier to provide than real news.

However . . .

Per ushe, the newspaper hits a new lot and celebrates Kansas City's new airport design flaw along with some white dude reading far too much into a quick interaction with ride-share drivers.

Here's quite literally, the money line . . .

"These men value life, friendship and kindness to strangers. They’re immigrants, speak at least two languages and I’m guessing earn a modest living. I envy their rock-solid kindness to a stranger and refusal to monetize benevolence."

The missive is hokey, boring and something that you might have to endure in a long elevator ride. 

Today . . . It's yet another excuse to cancel the newspaper and maybe upgrade to a better phone with longer battery life. 

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In the KCI cellphone lot, a generous immigrant showed me what July 4 is all about | Opinion

Rabbi Mark H. Levin left his iPhone at home when he drove to pick his wife up at the Kansas City airport. A a kind stranger helped him out.