Cynical Kansas City Star 'Reporting' Implies Sen. Hawley Supports White Nationalism

Actually . . . This story is about a struggle to define terms amid partisan vitriol. 

Here are the basics about 20 paragraphs below the nasty headline and some very seriously slanted journalism (lulz) from the so-called paper of record . . .

In response to questions from reporters, Hawley denounced white nationalism, saying he believed it was wrong and that the ideology had no place in the military.

“What he said to me is that he thinks that what the military bureaucracy is doing is they are labeling people in the military who are good patriotic, probably Trump supporters, they’re labeling them as white nationalists and he disagrees with that,” Hawley said. “Now to me, that’s a whole different deal. I probably agree with him.”

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After mistakenly quoting racist magazine, Hawley says critics overuse white nationalist label

"It's always always an effort to try and delegitimize the speech," Hawley said. "And I'm not gonna get into that at all, whatsoever. I'm not gonna play this game."