Chastain Debuts Latest Light Rail Petition

As always, we remind readers . . .

Clay Chastain is the ONLY person to ever win a KCMO citywide light rail election.

His 2006 victory was a rare interlude away from corporate politics that now dominates the local electorate.

Accordingly, check his latest plan . . .

Chastain press release: What can we invest in to take rail "where it has never gone before"... Eastside (to initiate its revitalization); Airport (to make us a Real City); Northland (connect it to southland)..and also... secure federal funds, improve quality of life, boost the economy & even keep the Royals in KC? Answer: The *Green City Initiative* (Petition) now being circulated to go before voters in Nov.

KC's Win Win Initiative is a zero-emission transit system centered around a 32 + mile (Citywide) Monorail Train. It can travel 55 mph, carry 500 + passengers (above the fray) & cost far less per mile to construct than streetcars. It promises to bake us a bigger, better pie & put a little honey on it too: make a new Downtown Royals Stadium & Ballpark District Transit-oriented. (Mr. Sherman has his pick of sites as the Monorail is designed to stop @ or near.. East Village, Union Station, 18th & Vine Historic District & even neighboring NKC). Note: The Royals' org. & its players are not paupers. KC & DC pay for Monorail. Royals & developers pay for Ballpark.

Will the Initiative cost a lot? Yes, most great things do. However, it is a 2 for 1 deal! Congress' Infrastructure Bill is projected to cover half the cost ($ 1.1 billion) of the $2.2 billion price tag. Our (local) tax match is a 25-year extension of the 3/8-cent bus sales tax & imposition of a new 1/4-cent capital improvement sales tax for 25-years.

KC's *High Flyer* will link the City together (see att. pic & route map). Its comprehensiveness will enable it to achieve high ridership, drive widespread redevelopment & even be a home run-hitter for a Downtown Ballpark. Since the Monorail goes end to end (KCI to SKC), it is well-positioned to transport... area-passengers to KCI; inner City workers to jobs @ KCI; Northland and Southland commuters to jobs Downtown; 8k fans to a Royals game, etc.

Multiple Wins from KC's "Green City Initiative":

#1.Captures Federal Funds.
#2. Improves living environment with clean transportation options to reduce: sprawl, traffic, air pollution, transportation costs and asphalt.
#3. Attracts people back to KC as it generates... new jobs, a stronger economy, mixed-use development & new affordable housing (along & nearby permanent Greenways).
#4. Revives Eastside around Modern Transportation System
#5. Enlivens Union Station as Regional Transportation Center, saves the Royals & gets the Monorail built in time for the World Cup.

Message to Mayor Lucas & the New Council:
If the Initiative from the people is submitted to the City, found sufficient by the City Clerk and presented to you by the City Clerk and you do ANYTHING OTHER than place it on the Nov. ballot (in its "original form" & as directed by the Missouri Supreme Court's -2014 ruling), there will be (immediate) legal & political consequences.

Activist Clay Chastain

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