Bullets Fly In Platte County Food Fight

Here's yet another reminder that locals seem quicker to anger this Summer as the quotient of gun violence continues to escalate.

Check a nasty food fight that has none of the cray charm of Brittney Spears attempting to toil amongst the plebs way back in the 90s . . .

A sheriffs spokesperson said that first responders arrived and found the female employee shot. The employee was taken to a hospital recovery from her injuries.

The initial investigation points to a fight over a food order. As restaurant employees tried to break up the fight, a handgun was fired, striking the employee.

The sheriff's spokesperson said two females are being questioned in the incident.

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Platte County Sheriff: Restaurant employee shot in dispute over food order

A 24-year-old employee was shot Saturday night following a dispute over a food order at a restaurant in Northmoor, Missouri.

Restaurant employee expected to survive after fight over food order leads to shooting in Platte County

The Platte County Sheriff's Office said the shooting happened after a fight erupted over a food order.