William Jewell College Slaver Legacy Student Documentary Coming Soon

Forgive the trip down memory lane . . .

For better or worse . . . College student moviemaking is just as earnest as it ever was but now attempts to accomplish social justice rather than just ripping off Tarantino & Steven Soderbergh.

Take a peek at this feature anticipated by tens of people and serving as a costly memento of college daze:

The SMJP is producing a documentary series titled “Untold Stories of Slavery and Resistance” about their slavery research, with plans to release the first episode the week of May 8 on YouTube. The group recently screened a part of that series and presented some of their work during a panel at the college’s Duke Colloquium, an annual showcase of student research.

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William Jewell students push for greater public access to slavery research, launch documentary series

When an audience member at a student research presentation asked about Missouri Baptists' response to slavery, Anna Bedsworth declined to answer.