Will City Manager Survive Kansas City Northland META Scandal?!?

A couple things to remember . . .

Council doesn't have a lot of love for the City Manager BUT they did vote UNANIMOUSLY to garner META cash for the Northland. 

One of the most respected former news dudes in Kansas City called out the city manger not so long ago for an ALLEGED encouragement of lying to the media. 

It's weird that Mayor Q has been so loyal to the guy given the politico's propensity to stab people in the back. 

Meanwhile . . . This latest detail about P.I. keeps the story going but might or might not help push out Brian Platt . . . Which is the real goal of this effort . . .

The city says it was investigating Dorch’s residency independent of her concerns about the Meta project. But former head of the Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department Andrea Dorch said she had already expressed concerns about Meta’s development in early January, when the surveillance took place.

“Me not backing down was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back, that they decided to fully retaliate against me,” Dorch said.

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Kansas City officials hired a private investigator to surveil the city's then-Civil Rights director

The city says it was investigating whether Andrea Dorch, former head of the Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department, was violating the city's residency requirement. The city was billed nearly $11,000 for the surveillance by a company in Missouri that hires private investigators. Dorch resigned from her position in April.