Westport's Bill Nigro Celebrates Defeat Of Kansas City Liquor Cards

Tonight we acknowledge the hard work and commitment of a Kansas City legend who devoted a significant part of his career to helping other people find gainful employment more easily. 

Throughout recent history, Bill Nigro has tirelessly advocated for workers and small biz owners in Westport. Finally, after decades of advocacy he proves victorious over "liquor cards" that have been required by Kansas City in order to obtain employment as a restaurant service worker. 

Bill effectively re-named them "dumb cards" and then pushed this issue FOR YEARS. 

About today's victory . . . 

On Thursday, the Kansas City Council unanimously voted to remove the liquor license requirement. The rule applies to any worker in a restaurant or bar involved in the serving or selling of alcohol.

Employee liquor permits cost $42. To get one, servers and bartenders have had to sign up online through CompassKC, the city’s online permitting system, and then go to the Regulated Industries building in Northeast Kansas City to get their picture taken and obtain their license card, which is valid for three years.

More than anyone else in this cowtown, we value the perspective of Bill Nigro on this issue and regarding all things Westport . .  . He tells us that he "couldn't be more excited" about the end of KCMO liquor cards. 

Here's a note he kindly sent our way . . .

"Regulated industries for decades has use that card to shake us down in Westport on Friday and Saturday nights after 10 PM. A few years back they used to send people home if you didn't have your card with you. Fortunately, complaining allowed them to stay at work and come in and get a new card on Mondays." 

"I've been trying for over 30 years to get rid of these cards." 

"Most of the people in the restaurant bar industry don't even have cars, so trying to get to seventh and Woodland and 23rd and Troost to get a health and liquor card is a real hurdle. Regulated Industries made us get a new card every three years to make sure we didn't turn into felons." 

"Jason Pryor from Pizza 51 has worked long and hard the last bunch of years and he got all the votes lined up on the council. Service industry people should go buy a pizza from pizza 51 and thank Jason for being tenacious."

Of course TKC offers congratulations and THANK YOU to Bill & Jason.