Westport Security Sprays Mace & Walks Away

File this under effective conflict resolution. 

Whilst fight videos are the lowest form of Internets content . . . We make an exception this morning to highlight an important bit of Kansas City conflict resolution.

However . . . It's important to mention this looks like a Westport Security officer and probably not a police officer.

The basics of the story and a link to the clip that has garnered millions of views in less than 24 hours:

Just walks in there, pepper sprays everyone, and walks away, like "job's done!"

Again . . . 

The tactic deserves recognition for its effectiveness and it's hard to argue with results. There is a bit of legal debate but an early morning brawl in front of Insomnia cookies & a sub shop shouldn't merit too much consideration or social justice outcry.

Meanwhile . . .

Westport looks as if its in for another eventful Summer.

Developing . . .