State Senator Mike Thompson Rejects Kansas Voters Supporting Abortion Rights

Prob blog attempts to rally support amid ongoing crackdowns in Kansas and across the nation.

To be fair, a former Kansas City weather dude makes a perfect political punching bag for progressives.

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In an email to supporters a day after the election, Sen. Mike Thompson, a Shawnee Republican, said it was his “fervent hope” that more than a half-million Kansans who voted against the amendment were simply misled by campaign ads and “a complicit media.” The alternatives, he said, were “disturbing and unthinkable.”

Thompson wondered if Kansans were really OK with infants being torn apart, limb from limb, or the prospects of Kansas becoming “an even bigger destination site for abortion tourism.” He listed other possible explanations for the popular vote that involved false narratives about abortion clinics.

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Church and state: Kansas Republicans ignore voters and pass new anti-abortion laws - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Torn between his Catholic faith and commitment to public service, Rep. Henry Helgerson struggled to keep his composure as he spoke to colleagues from the House floor near the end of this year's legislative session. The Eastborough Democrat referenced an avalanche of anti-abortion legislation produced by Republicans in defiance of voters who rejected a constitutional amendment on abortion in August.