Sporting Kansas City Fans Revolting

The bottom ranking team continues a losing streak and now confronts clap back from their most loyal fans.

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The Cauldron made it clear that they support the club and the players. Their concerns are not with the players but with the front office, the group said.

"The organization's performance on and off the pitch has not been acceptable," the letter reads.

"Your performance over the last few years has raised numerous questions and concerns ranging from the club's direction, engagement, matchday experience, and so many more. These are not just recent concerns; they have been building for more than just this season and are now at a boiling point."

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Sporting KC fan section pens letter to voice disapproval of club

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Sporting Kansas City's fan section has had enough of the team's winless 2023 season. In a letter to the club, Sporting KC's support group, The Kansas City Cauldron, condemned the club not only for their lack of wins but for what they call "a lack of community and overall not being valued."