SMSD Teacher Undeterred From Fighting 'Anti-White' Lessons Despite Nazi Tagging

A local lady seyz she's standing up against hate in her continued crusade that earned a conservative news bump this Spring . . . Here's a bit more of her perspective and more info . . .

The vitriolic treatment I have received from those who don’t know me and have never set foot in my classroom is exactly why more teachers and staff do not speak up. They, too, would get called “racist,” “transphobe,” “disgusting,” a “right-wing extremist,” a “Nazi,” a “fascist” and worse . . . Our students and our school district are being harmed by indoctrination that instills a victim mentality. It’s not good for minority kids, white kids, transgender kids or any of our kids. It causes division, stress and anxiety.

Yes, your kids are being indoctrinated in a harmful way. Parents don’t like to hear that it is happening in the pristine Shawnee Mission School District, but it needed to be exposed. The Shawnee Mission School District needs to return to a focus on academics and create a climate that is pro-human, not anti-white.

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'I will not be deterred': Kansas public school teacher stands by criticism amid attacks and national attention

On the other hand, since my in and after various interviews about the Shawnee Mission School District's DEI/Deep Equity curriculum and district policy, there have been a few people misrepresenting my position to spread hateful attacks and numerous lies about me. Sometimes they stoop to doing it through kids or with unflattering pictures of me.

SMSD parents share concerns about 'DEIB' programs - The Sentinel

Shawnee Mission North High School teacher Caedran Sullivan last week exposed the widespread negative impact of the district's DEIB indoctrination, and now parents are coming forward to confirm her experience and refute district officials' her statements.

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