Show-Me 'Wild West' Gun Rights Blame Game

For the record . . .

The photo of the youngster carrying the AR-15 in STL streets is fake but nobody wants to just come out and say it.

Meanwhile, here's a worthwhile column from Tony Messenger chronicling the ongoing gun rights debate. 

Check-it . . . 

The Wild West Republicans now lament was predicted by Democrats as far back as 2016, during one of the many years that Republicans in the Missouri Legislature were weakening gun safety laws.

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Messenger: Missouri Republicans lament a gun-toting 'Wild West.' Well, they created it.

ST. LOUIS - Sen. Nick Schroer sought to foment fear. It was just before the final week of the Missouri Legislature's regular session. The Republican from St. Charles was tweeting about a weekend spike of gun violence in St. Louis. "More people were murdered over the weekend and the Wild West literally in the streets," he wrote.