Show-Me Trans Legal Victory

Latest in an ongoing legal fight . . . Remember, most Missouri Republicans warned that the AG would likely LOSE this fight . . . Check the logic behind the ruling . . .

The court's decision was guided, in part, by concern that Bailey’s restrictions could have the effect of “creating confusion” in hospitals and clinics.  

“The Rule promulgated by the Attorney General states specifically, ‘This rule does not contain an exhaustive list of the practices that violate the Act,’” the judge wrote in her ruling. “This leaves significant room for interpretation of what would and would not be covered by the Act, creating confusion for those tasked with the enforcement of the Rule and those required to comply.”

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Missouri judge blocks restrictions on transgender healthcare temporarily

The court decision calls the restrictions "broad" and says people would be "subjected to immediate and irreparable loss, damage or injury" if enacted. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Doctors who provide gender-affirming care to transgender patients can continue their plans of care without disruption from the state after a Missouri judge issued a restraining order against Attorney General Andrew Bailey's proposed restrictions on the health care treatments.