Show-Me Super-Minority Democratic Party Winning 2023 Session?!?!

Prog blog math might not work anywhere else on the Internets . . . But, we're willing to consider their political calculations.

Here's their story as they count the Dems on the winning side of Missouri politics . . .

The budget pumped money into a host of programs Democrats championed — expanded pre-kindergarten programs, raises for direct care workers, increases in child care subsidies and more. On the policy side, a years-long effort to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage from 60 days to one year finally came to fruition.

In the Senate, Democrats got to sit back for the third year in a row as Republican infighting killed a host of bills they hated. Changes to the initiative petition process, a corporate tax cut, state control of the St. Louis police department, education bills targeting “critical race theory” and a host of others fizzled out despite being priorities for the GOP supermajority.

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Winners and losers of Missouri's 2023 legislative session * Missouri Independent

After two years of drama and gridlock, the Missouri Senate showed up in January determined to put the conflict between the conservative caucus and GOP leadership in the past. Submerged but ever-lurking, factionalism finally torpedoed the apparent comity in the session's final week, and the Senate sank into the depths of filibusters and procedural hijinks.