Show-Me STL High Crime Blame Game Against Progressives

Fact is . . . Most people who live in high crime neighborhoods don't really care about pointless elections amongst the two-faced uniparty.

Nevertheless . . . Here's a peek at a strong statement that offers a bit of interesting data . . .

"It's a crisis point here in the state of Missouri and in the region and specifically in the city of Saint Louis, where there is no rule of law and victims can't find justice in our court system. And it's all because of the circuit attorney and her unlawful refusal to do her job. Ninety-six percent of crimes reported in the city of Saint Louis did not result in criminal charges being issued by the state attorney's office," Missourri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said.

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Missouri Attorney General blames St. Louis progressive DA for city reaching 'crisis point'

Missourri Attorney General Andrew Bailey warned that the city of St. Louis at a "crisis point" due to the actions and potentially illegal activities of district attorney Kim Gardner. Bailey appeared on Fox News' "Sunday Night in America" with Trey Gowdy to discuss the recent revelations that Gardner had been taking nursing classes at a university during her time in office.