Show-Me Sketchy Jail Contract

A quick peek at a tough compromise for jail birds . . .

"The bill, passed a day before the Senate descended into complete gridlock, would also fix problems identified by the courts with a 2021 law allowing prosecutors to seek judicial review of past cases and creates a new state-level unit to assist prosecutors with case investigations.

"Overshadowed during the session by headlines about issues with former St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and efforts to bring the St. Louis Police Department under state control, the bill also creates new crimes, eliminates the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine and sets new standards for police chief training."

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Missouri bill allows payments to the wrongly convicted - as long as they promise not to sue

A bill awaiting action on Gov. Mike Parson's desk would allow more state inmates released after being proven innocent to receive compensation - with a larger payment - but they would have to give up the right to sue the people who put them behind bars.