Show-Me Odessa Mayor's Hot Mic Apology

Here's the postscript as another politico in the region didn't understand that the world is now connected and hurtful comments travel across the globe at the speed of thought.

Here's a peek at his retraction . . .

"I would like to extend my sincere apology to our Jewish Community, and all the Citizens of Odessa for statements made during the May 15, 2023, Board of Aldermen meeting. Those statements were not in keeping with the beliefs and values of the City of Odessa and should not be construed to represent the views of our City. It was not my intent to degrade or marginalize anyone, or any group of people, not to further any negative stereotypes based upon their heritage or belief. Upon it being brought to my attention, I instantly regretted my choice of words. Everyone is welcome in the City of Odessa, and we value the diverse backgrounds, and rich histories that everyone contributes to our City. I am truly sorry for any hurt that I caused. I pledge to do better, and I am committed to doing everything necessary to ensure all people feel welcome and included in our city." 

City of Odessa Mayor Stephen Wright

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'I am truly sorry': Odessa mayor apologizes to Jewish community for comments made during meeting

ODESSA, Mo. (KCTV) - The City of Odessa archived social media video of a Board of Alderman meeting on Tuesday night "due to content that violated the City's social media policy." Nearly 24 hours later, it was made clear why. Mayor Stephen Wright posted a letter of apology after comments he made that were recorded during the meeting.