Show-Me More Families Leaving Missouri After Trans Crackdown Legislation

Another bit of prog blog testimony . . . However . . . This bit of reporting is more impactful and at least offers an interesting story about policy consequences . . .

By the end of the 2023 legislative session, the American Civil Liberties Union was tracking 48 bills in Missouri it deemed anti-LGBTQ. Only one state, Texas, had more bills on the ACLU’s list.

For some, even the threat of the legislation was enough to push them to other states. Then, they must look at what legislation is passing in their potential new home.

“It’s not just (Missouri) that has bills that are very clearly moving through the process and are not being stopped, it’s that other states all around us are passing the same laws,” Shira Berkowitz, senior director of public policy and advocacy for LGBTQ+ organization PROMO, said.

Transgender Missourians are looking to states with more welcoming laws, Berkowitz said, specifically those that are “doubling down on ‘trans health care is health care.'”

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'There's no point in staying': Transgender Missourians describe toll of legislative session * Missouri Independent

Alex, which is a pseudonym to protect his privacy, is transgender. He's lived his entire life in Missouri, and though his family imagined him leaving state for college, they truly believed Missouri would always be home.