Show-Me Memorial Weekend Pilgrimage

Believe it or not . . . Legend surrounding this very great lady is attracting Catholics from across the nation. 

With respect to everyone's superstitions . . . Here are more deets . . .

In Gower, Missouri, thousands of people are spending this Memorial Day weekend seeking a blessing, visiting the remains of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, which are gathering attention from all across the United States. Sister Lancaster, who passed away in 2019, served at the Benedictine Mary Queen of Apostles Monastery.

Crowds arrive to find a Latin Mass being served. Attendance has grown since word of Sister Lancaster’s incorrupt remains being exhumed. When workers unearthed her corpse on April 28, intending to inter it in a new location, her remains were found to be intact — four years after her burial.

Catholics in attendance on Friday said they believe this to be a blessing from God and the makings of a modern-day miracle.

“As of Tuesday, they were seeing about 1,000 visitors a day. I think now, it’s probably well above that. The expectation is the crowd will grow over the holiday weekend,” said Ashlie Hand, a spokesperson with the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

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Missouri town prepares for thousands coming to see exhumed nun's body

GOWER, Mo. - Thousands of people are flocking to a rural Catholic monastery to witness a Memorial Day weekend miracle. But miracles don't typically offer preparation time. The remains of a late Catholic nun are attracting major tourist traffic, as word spreads about the intact nature of her corpse.

Faithful flock to Missouri monastery to see intact remains of exhumed nun

Hundreds of people have descended on a rural Missouri town to flock to a convent that recently exhumed the remains of its founder. Four years after the death and burial of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster at age 95, The Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles made a surprising discovery after sisters exhumed her wooden coffin on May 18 and found her remains to be remarkably intact.

Sheriff: Expect 10k-15k people per day over weekend to see body of exhumed nun

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Census data from the federal government counted the population of Gower, Missouri, just more than 1,500. The rural community may see 10 times that number each day over the weekend.