Show-Me Kansas City Star In Defense Of Senator Josh Hawley's Manhood?!?

Sorry, that's just a goofy post title we wanted to write . . .

In fact, the newspaper just offers another series of back-handed book review comments . . . Example:

To blame all bad-boy behavior on liberal aspersions is the opposite of calling men back to personal responsibility.

Men themselves are not the problem, lazy, suggestible and oafish as Hawley makes them sound. But some mostly male-perpetrated violent crimes — rape, for example, and homicide, which is both surging and committed by men in 90% of cases around the world — certainly are.

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Josh Hawley's manhood message isn't all wrong, though he's not the ideal messenger | Opinion

When Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley first pitched the themes of his upcoming book about manhood 18 months ago, the response was not just merciless but at least arguably homophobic. "Josh Hawley kisses his wife like his parents are making him eat broccoli for the first time," tweeted writer and producer Chase Mitchell.