Show-Me Catholic Incorruptibility?!?

We won't dispute a feel good story for plebs . . . Even if it's a bit macabre and we know that humans eating so many preservative nowadays often delays decomposition . . . Never mind. 

Pay no attention to our Twinkie theory and let this story strengthen your faith by way of carnival sideshow snuff pix featuring a very good lady who died and was recently dug up . . .

"The person at the center of the attention is Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, who is described as the African American foundress of the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

"After four years, the sisters recently exhumed the body in a ceremony with plans to move her body to a final resting place inside their monastery chapel. The sisters expected to find bones in her cracked wooden coffin, but instead they found her looking not so different from when she went it."

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Missouri miracle? Hundreds travel to see nun's exhumed, 'incorrupt' body

GOWER, Mo. - Catholic faithfuls are making the pilgrimage to Gower, Missouri, to witness what they describe as a miracle. "It's great to be reminded that it can happen in our lifetime," one person said. "She's a Saint already. I already have her canonized," another said.