Show-Me AG Threatening KCPD With Legal Action Over Trans Law Enforcement

Angry letters dominate this part of the discourse . . . Here's the latest GOP flex targeting this town . . .

In a letter Wednesday, Bailey went to Graves bosses, the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, saying, it is the Boards constitutional duty to enforce the law and ensure that children are protected from these dangerous, experimental gender transition interventions.

"As Missouri's top legal officer, I will take any legal action necessary against the City to ensure our state laws are enforced," Bailey said in the letter.

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Missouri AG, KCPD at odds over possible enforcement of state's gender-affirming care proposals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey struck out against Kansas City, Missouri, Chief of Police Stacey Graves Wednesday for over possible enforcement of the state's gender-affirming proposals. On Monday, Graves issued a statement saying that the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department "plays no role in these law changes because the provisions do not pertain to criminal conduct."

Missouri AG urges Kansas City police to enforce transgender care restrictions law

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey on Wednesday vowed to take "any legal action necessary" against Kansas City if its police department does not enforce a law banning transgender transition procedures for minors.Bailey, a Republican, said in a letter to the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners that the board has a constitutional duty to enforce the law, which was passed by the Missouri Legislature this month.