Show-Me 50 MILLION BUCKS For Kansas City World Cup 2026

And so the feeding frenzy begins . . . Here's a peek at how the good times start . . .

The Missouri Office of Administration budget for FY2024 includes that $50-million allocation to the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority for stadium and ground modifications, transportation, marketing, and additional event support to support the largest and most prestigious single-sport event.

Arrowhead will require significant modifications to the seating bowl to accommodate a soccer field that meets World Cup specs and other changes at a cost of roughly $50 million or more.

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Kansas City to receive $50 million from Missouri for FIFA World Cup preps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City will receive $50 million from the state of Missouri to help fund preparations for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The city had initially requested four $12.5-million installments annually leading up to the World Cup, a quadrennial international soccer competition that is among the most-viewed events on the planet.