Should Kansas City Biz Take 'Active Shooter Training' Offered By Police?!?

It's free . . . The advice is solid . . . And might be a good way to remind Kansas City workers that doing biz in this town is not without its risks.

Here are more deets . . .

Kansas City police and fire departments are offering ongoing active shooter and CPR training as a resource.

“The goal is to be preventative,” said KCPD officer Alex Saragusa during a training earlier this year. “In an active shooter situation, seconds matter, and giving them the opportunity to know how to apply tourniquets, give CPR and give vital first aid can save lives.”

The Kansas City Police Department has provided active shooter training to organizations since 2007, and the sessions are free to the public.

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Do KC businesses need to be prepared for potential shootings? Police offer trainings

A shooting at a Kansas City nightclub over the weekend that killed three people and critically injured two more is one of more than 200 mass shootings that have happened in the U.S. this year - in places ranging from schools to malls.