Shawnee Lawsuit Fights Co-Living Ban Against Friends

This golden ghetto living space crackdown has always seemed a bit silly to most of us. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Supporters of the crackdown fear changing neighborhoods & demographics altering the traditional single-family home "character" of the neighborhood.  

Here's a peek at the legal argument against friends along with links to more info . . .

The lawsuit, filed in federal court Tuesday, claims the city has overstepped its authority through the ordinance by regulating land users, instead of the land itself.

“Neither does it regulate use or intensity. It makes no change to the allowable density of dwellings within a given area, or to lot coverage, or to the number of dwelling units that a development may include.  Instead, it regulates only people. Whether a home is in violation of the ordinance depends on one factor alone: the identity and relationship of the people who live there,” the lawsuit states.

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Shawnee hit with federal lawsuit over its 'co-living ban' that restricts roommates

The ordinance passed by Shawnee City Council last year effectively limits the number of unrelated individuals who can live together in a single living space. Hundreds of residents signed a petition demanding a repeal to the rules, which critics have called "racist" and "classist."

City of Shawnee faces federal lawsuit over co-living ordinance

SHAWNEE, Kan. - The City of Shawnee is facing a federal lawsuit over a controversial housing ordinance approved by the city council last spring. Shawnee resident Val French and the Prairie Village-based real estate company HomeRoom, Inc. are suing the city for putting limits on the number of unrelated people who can live together in a single family home.