Senator Josh Hawley Talks 'Rigged' Election And Flexes On FBI

Because we don't want to end up in Guantanamo Bay . . . We're not gonna offer much opinion about this noteworthy rhetorical attack against law enforcement . . . But there's no point in denying that the sentiments represent a growing faction of conservative discourse.

Check the deets from a local Republican blog . . .

Americans “should feel outraged – outraged, that they were lied to for years by their own government. They were lied to by the media,” Hawley said in an interview with The Heartlander Thursday.

Hawley was reacting to the release of the John Durham report that painstakingly details how Hillary Clinton’s disinformation campaign against 2016 presidential rival Donald Trump became the FBI’s Russia collusion hoax and a sham multimillion-dollar Mueller probe built on a lie made out of whole cloth.

“It was the Democrat Party that used the FBI to try to rig the 2016 presidential election,” Hawley said. “That’s the Durham report. That’s what we learned. Hillary Clinton used the FBI, and the FBI leadership gladly went along with it to lie to courts in order to get wiretaps on Trump associates; to try and spy on the Trump campaign; and then to create what we now know was a 100% false narrative, that Trump was somehow colluding with Russia.

“There’s no basis for that, as Durham has found. There is no basis for that, as the Mueller report found. And yet, the Democrats and the FBI worked together to try to influence the election.

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New revelations show 'deeply dishonest people' in government, media, perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax to 'rig the 2016 election,' says Sen. Josh Hawley

Startling revelations of corruption this week have shown Americans how "deeply dishonest people" in government and media have combined to form a "danger to democracy," says Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley. Americans "should feel outraged - outraged, that they were lied to for years by their own government.