Rock Chalk Scribe Professor Explains Hollywood Writer's Guild Strike

Because this learned local dude has achieved a steady career working in the industry . . . We respect his opinion . . . Here's a perspective on the drama that's much more interesting than most streaming shows:

There's currently no timetable for how long the strike will last, but (local Oscar-winning writer/director Kevin) Willmott says he's hoping it will be over by June or July.

"I've been through a couple of these, and it's always a painful experience," Willmott said. "Because they always take a lot longer than you hope they would."

That's too bad . . . In the meantime, so many other creators and creatives continue to share their work online for audience that continue to gain ground against traditional studio fare.

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Oscar-winning KU professor offers insight on writers' strike

LAWRENCE, KS - Early Tuesday morning, the Writers Guild of America announced that its members are now on strike, bringing much of the American film and television industry to a halt. The strike pits guild members against The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, with compensation for writers as the sticking point.