Protest Against Male Circumcision Hits Johnson County Streets

The BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS noticed these dudes in the Golden Ghetto today.

More insight into protest that his 119th/Metcalf today . . . We share perspective about their cause that didn't make mainstream media in KC . . .

“We're on a two-week tour of Kansas and Nebraska to spread foreskin awareness and prevent violence against children,” said Bloodstained Men CEO David Atkinson.

Their mission: “We do not want future generations to suffer the same act of violence that was inflicted on us when we were too young to defend ourselves,” he said.

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Dangers of circumcision highlighted by protestors in Hays, Great Bend

It may be something many people are not comfortable discussing, but protestors Tuesday in Hays and Great Bend were confronted with the realities of the harm caused by circumcision.