Patrick Mahomes Risks Credibility By Hyping NHL In Kansas City

To start #TBT we want to give credit to our blog community who dutifully remembered an important series of events from the not-so-distant past. 

Travel back in time with us for a second . . . 


In fact . . .

Way back when they still printed relevant "news" on dead trees . . . The Pitch published an EPIC summary of an  embarrassing debacle for local leaders. 

Remember . . .

"The highlight was (hockey great Mario) Lemieux saying there was never a possibility of the Penguins moving to Kansas City.

“We had to do a few things to put pressure on the city and the state,” he said. “Those trips to Kansas City and Las Vegas and other cities were just to go, have a nice dinner and come back.”

"And like a whore, the Sprint Center waits for the next team to promise her they’ll call her after they screw her."

That's great stuff. 

We miss the better versions of The Pitch before it became a party favor for rapidly aging hipsters. 

Back to our premise . . .

Whilst Mahomes ALWAYS has the potential to surprise us . . . It's likely he doesn't know how badly this town has been burned in the past and his hopeful tweet gives credibility to a premise when most locals are rightfully skeptical of both team owners & politicos. 

Unfortunately . . . If it doesn't happen . . . The QB might have been played just as bad as this town.

As always, we share a more optimistic summary . . .

The Chiefs signal-caller posed the idea of the NHL franchise relocating to Kansas City, and he even tested the waters on how the team name would sound with “KC” at the front.

“KC coyotes has a nice ring to it! @NHL what y’all think? @tmobilecenter,” wrote Mahomes on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

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Patrick Mahomes Offers Relocation Suggestion for NHL's Coyotes

The intend to play the 2023-24 NHL season at the Mullett Arena, though their future in Arizona remains uncertain after residents voted down a referendum for a new arena Tuesday. With relocation potentially in the organization's future, star NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes swooped in with an eye-opening suggestion for the franchise.

After vote for NHL arena in Arizona fails, Lucas and Mahomes suggest KC as location for Coyotes

A day after voters in Arizona appear to have rejected a new arena for the Arizona Coyotes hockey team, two of Kansas City's most influential citizens have an idea where the Coyotes should play.

Developing . . .